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Why to rely on Baycat

Introduced in the Spanish industry and strong personal commitment with the land and people

We know the Spanish automotive, chemical, pharma & petrol, paper & foil, print & packaging and textile industry - between others. Our particular strength lies in combining local market expertise and sector specific know­how.

25+ years of experience in management, sales and service in the machine building, automations and process control sector. We just provide services we know by experience, that we can carry them out professionally and efficiently.

Sensitive information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and we deal with each concern individually as the situation demands. The client’s personal and professional needs always are respected.

Half life in Germany. Half life in Spain. Frequent business trips to South America. Intercultural skills such as respect for otherness, empathy and tolerance of ambiguity, are essential when dealing in multinational environments. Intercultural skills are indispensable for effective management of a diverse workforce.

  • Market knowledge
  • Experience
  • Confidentiality
  • Intercultural skills
Av. Tremolencs 36, E-08530 La Garriga, (Barcelona), Spain